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What can you expect from ADS Funding Solutions?

What can you expect from ADS Funding Solutions? When you work with our ERC experts, you can expect:
  • Maximize Refundable Credits
  • Easy & Quick Application Process
  • No Upfront Fees To Qualify
Not sure if you qualify for Employee Retention Credit? Do not worry! ADS Funding Solutions is here to guide you through the process.
Here are some of the Covid-19 impacts that may render your business to qualify for ERC:
  • Disrupted operations
  • Full or partial shutdowns
  • Government or local mandated shutdowns
  • Transition to Telehealth Operations
  • Incapacity to access equipment
  • Incapacity to operate or work with your vendors
  • Reduction in the services or products delivered to your customers
  • Cut down or shifts in your hours of operation
  • Revenue Decline
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Commercial Disruption
  • Customer Or Vendor Restrictions
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  • YOU

  • Upload your 941’s PPP and Payroll Information on our secure portal
  • ADS Funding Solutions

    • Validate and document ERC eligibility
    • Reconcile attribution between the PPP and ERC payroll wages
    • Accurately calculate your ERC credits.
    • Prepare and file all necessary paperwork with the IRS.
  • IRS

  • The IRS will process your credit and mail you a check.

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