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Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services:

When the world stopped during Covid-19, Adult Day Services continued to provide service to their clients.

Adult Day Services are the unsung Heroes of the pandemic and should be compensated for their services and the staffing they provided jobs for through the ERC Program.

We understand how difficult it was to go from Telehealth to Reopening for In Person operations.

During this stressful re-start we can understand it is hard to keep up with all the Governmental changes. That’s what we are here for, to provide professional guidance and support to get you the funding that is due to you.

Although many other companies provide these services to various businesses, we have focused on Adult Day Services. Why? Our consulting Advisor and partner Joan Marie Granato is an Advocate for the Industry specifically in New Jersey as the President of NJAMDSC, New Jersey Adult Medical Day Services Coalition and owns 3 ADC and consults for many. Besides NJ, Joan Marie holds several Board positions for NADSA, The National Adult Day Services Association. Her main position is The Chair of Public Policy and Advocacy. She is always seeking ways to provide resources to increase the revenue for Adult Day Service Providers throughout the Country.

Her Motto is…

To Help Others, Help Others, Help Others.

So, We help the Associations, to Help Providers, to Help their Clients…